Yogesh Mahaparale

Yogesh Mahaparale

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Yogesh completed his Bachelors in Instrumentation Engineering from University of Pune. Before starting MAPYN as cofounder, Yogesh has worked in major IT players in India and Japan. A quick learner, Yogesh has a knack of understanding people by putting himself in their shoes which helped his career grow in these IT giants with extra pace. Qualities like persistence, patience and extreme dedication helped Yogesh to play various roles starting from Software Developer to Technical Lead and Team Lead to Customer Preferred Coordinator at Customer Location in Japan for one of the Biggest ODC for a Japanese Customer for more than 3 years.

Yogesh gels with people very well be it his colleagues or customers. Yogesh has experience to work in Big Teams for the customers across the Globe in varied Domains and Technologies like Medical Electronics, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Legacy Systems, Storage, OS Internals and Networking. During his tenure he received many recognitions and rewards for his performance in various roles. Yogesh has significant experience in managing large teams across geographies for customers across the globe.

Currently at MAPYN, working as CTO, Yogesh continues to juggle an array of duties with a strong attention to detail. He has a knack for organizational efficiency, and tenacious follow-up capabilities. At MAPYN, he is living his Dream to be an Entrepreneur by pursuing his passion for Embedded Systems. With his vast experience in multiple domains, Yogesh is responsible for setting up right processes to optimize the delivery model, team allocation and resource planning and setting up right goals for various teams at MAPYN.

Out of sheer interest and with an intention to give back to his college Yogesh became preferred External Guide for the Students Projects of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune and at MAPYN supports projects from the college on a regular basis.

Outside office Yogesh enjoys spending time with his family, traveling to far off places to experience real 'Nature' and occasionally trekking or hiking. Photography is his hobby and he loves to experiment with the art. Sometimes, he prefers to be lonely to sense his intuitions.