Web Based Software Solutions

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User Interfaces-Connected Devices

Generic platforms and devices need to have an low-cost enclosure that can house the electronics. These are off the shelf enclosures that are selected before the design process begins. The mounting locations available in these enclosures decide the mounting holes in the PCBs. Cutouts are made on these enclosures to ensure that the cable harnesses / displays / connectes etc. can be accomodated. Labels are created that can fixed on the face of the enclosure that brands the product and provides information with regards to the device. These enclosures are typically wall mounted / DIN Rail mounted / table top / handheld. Low cost - fast - easy to implement are the pros ... Lack of Industrial Design being the cons.

Interfacing to Device Cloud Platforms

MAPYN provides hardware connectivity to device cloud platforms. We design custom platforms that can send data to customer specific or off-the-shelf cloud platforms. Once the data reaches the platforms our custom software solutions pull data and they provide custom web apps for reporting, trending, analysis and control. Each device cloud has their own nuances and we have a firm grasp on the overall technology to help our customers select the right platform, the right tools and the right process to get the data from the right devices, machines, sensors, controllers, panels to servers.