Themed Entertainment

Entertainment systems need to have a rich blend of hardware and software to create an immersive user experience. Companies that can deliver such results get the cutting edge in terms of footfall and repeat business. Technology is the enabler in creating an appealing user experience. We at MAPYN work with Theme Parks, Entertainment Centers and Device Manufacturers to automate the rides by creating synchronized audio-video and motion bases. We undertake turnkey automation solutions all the way from design to installation and commission(or some parts therein).

What We Do? Our Expertise and Offerings.

  • Consultancy

    Requirement understanding, Identifying right technical solution and overall consultancy from initial stage to installation.

  • System Integration

    Designing, Manufacturing, System Programming & sight installation of technical solution.

  • Third party Integration

    Integrating Third Party Devices in Theme Park Automation.

  • Maintainance Support

    AMCs for preventive and breakdown maintenance for new as well as existing installations.

  • Cloud Connectivity

    Customized solution for connecting existing installations to the cloud for real-time data and analytics.

  • Audio, Video & Motion Sync

    Audio, Video & Motion Synchronization and Programming in Theme Park Rides.

Theme Park Controls

MAPYN creates Control Systems for Theme Park Rides. We have worked in a number of different theme parks to create the entire show control system for the ride all the way from architectural design to implementation and commissioning.

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Motion Base Programming

Motion Base Design Programming forms an important aspect when new videos are to be added to existing theme park rides. MAPYN supports motion base programming along with Audio and Video Syncronization to create an integrated effect for new movies

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Overlays for Entertainment Systems

Overlay Panels for Entertainment and Gaming Systems that are used as aftermarket products. These devices give a custom look and feel to off the shelf products. Intuitive designs and user interfaces make the system design responsive and offer a better user experience.

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