Endoscopy Application

Design and Testing Support for Endoscopy Equipment Manufacturer for their next generation Connected Endoscopy that has a Tablet Based Control

A reputed medical device manufacturer wanted to setup an Offshore Development Centre to design the Embedded and Tablet based components of their Next Generation Endoscopy Equipment. The team was handpicked to support Hardware Development, Embedded Software, Device Driver Development, Tablet (Android) based development and testing support

  • Embedded Linux

  • Application Software Development / Device Driver Development / Kernel Customization for Embedded Off the shelf and Custom Platforms Platforms
  • Android App Development

  • Tablet Connected Device for Case Management | Video Streaming and Recording | Image Capture | Device Settings & Control |
  • Device Integration

  • Driver level integration of hardware devices like Ethernet Switch | Image Processing Hardware | Displays etc. using custom and off the shelf communication protocols

Some initial prorotypes were created by a small team of engineers to prove some key concepts in the Embedded and Tablet Based system. After succesfull implementation of these short turnaround projects the client decided to start the Development Centre to support the US team. The team in MAPYN grew rapidly over a course of 2 years to succesfully handover the system to the US team.

Project Management | Hardware Support | Firmware and Software Development

MAPYN Contributed towards the success of this complex product by :

Supporting in converting off the shelf hardware schematic platform to the desired custom hardware platform
Driver customization and integration for device specific chipsets
Communication with Video Processing Hardware platforms
Application software to support the overall working of the system
Tablet Software for Wireless Visualization & Control of the system


Thank you for all of the support that the MAPYN team has provided on this project. We have enjoyed working with you.