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A field where speed is the essence of time we work with our customers and end users of Embedded Solutions and Factory Automation products. We leverage our design, implementation and field installation expertise to create cost effective solutions in the manufacturing space - Be it FPGA based systems, PLC based solutions, Connected devices OR Remote monitoring. We provide cross platform solutions to our clients engaged in Manufacturing to be competitive in their market place without the need for having all the hi-tech expertise in house. We have worked with manufacturers of Computer Equipments, Lighting Equipment Manufacturers, Kitchen Hygiene, Fire Alarms, Industrial Control Equipment, HVAC Systems, Material Handling equipment, Defence Equipment, Solar System, Power equipment, Flow meters, Motion Control equipment, Metrology equipment, Printing press, Energy Meters, Boilers and Boiler Equipment and Textile Machines. Domains may differ but pain points remain the same. We understand these pain points and leave no stone unturned to deliver best results.

What We Do? Our Expertise and Offerings.

  • Domain Expertise

    Requirement elicitation by acquiring optimal domain knowledge.

  • Quick Prototypes

    Addressing the problem with off the shelf hardware or development boards to decide architecture.

  • Maintainance Support

    Support for deployed devices by having AMC.

  • Customized Hardware Design

    Microcontroller / FPGA / System on Module based hardware platforms with or without OS support.

  • Machine / Plant / Home Automation

    Automation services using off the shelf Hardware (PLC/HMI/Electronics) with in-house control panel building capabilities.

  • Volume Manufacturing

    Production support with in-house manufacturing capabilities.

FPGA Based I/O Card

A Fortune 100 Industrial Device manufacturer wanted to create a FPGA based controller that will interface to Analog / Digital Input and Digital Output Cards. They wanted to keep the hardware same across the interface boards and change the functionality by only modifying the logicware.

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PLC Based Control Panels

A reputed equipment manufacturer wanted to create a control system for their mechanical engineering systems that will enable the machines o be intelligent, implement control schemes, communicate with Line PLCs in field. We worked closely with their Design and Manufacturing team...

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Jacquard Punch Controller

A Jaquard Manufacturer wanted to redesign their control system so as to add a Touch Screen Based User Interface, create a custom controller that will communicate with the HMI and also enable drive and feedback circuitry to interface with the physical punch system.

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