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In this age of connected devices and Internet of Things we are focussed on creating products and solutions for our customers that will let the home user not only get a feel good factor but also provide a hassle free lifestyle. We utilize our knowhow in electronics and control systems to enable our customers to offer cutting edge technology to the home user. Be it in the areas of Utility Management and Control, Heating Systems or Security. We work with our clients to create cost-effective cutting edge solutions that will have an impact in the industry. We use our engineering and manufacturing expertise to suggest new technologies, sensors, interfaces and softwares that can make the day to day life of the end user simple and safe.

What We Do? Our Expertise and Offerings.

  • Embedded Developement

    Application and Device level development on off the shelf and custom build hardware platforms.

  • Host/Web Developement

    Software Development, client-server programming and Multi-tier Application Development.

  • Compliance

    Design for Environmental & Compliance Testing. Support for Pre-Compliance and Compliance Testing.

  • Cloud Connected Solutions

    Cloud connectivity over GPRS / Wi-Fi / Ethernet to multiple cloud platforms.

  • Validation & Verification

    Unit Test Automation, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, Interoperability & Performance Testing.

  • OEM Manufacturing

    Volume production support with in-house manufacturing capabilities for final white labeled product.

Infrared Heater Controller

The Infrared heater controller is created to implement a soft start-stop functionality for IR Heaters. The life of these heaters deteriorates if excessive current flows through the lamp during cold start. The controller is able to drive a lamp load of upto 6kW.

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Water Boiler Controller

Instantaneous water heating is required for undersink heaters in kitchens. This controller implements an adaptive learning mechanism to create a profile of the water usage that ensures water at a certain set point. Energy is consumed optimally as heaters are switched OFF during non-usage time zones.

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Controller for Pump Systems

We designed a controller for Demand Pump Systems that is used in hot water recirculation systems. It turns the pumps ON/OFF by sensing flow and temperature. This is to ensure an effective mechanism for hot water recirculation.

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