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Fixed Bid

This is a preferred model if you have the requirements of the project clearly defined.

Do you know what kind of hardware has to be created for the system to work right?
Do you know what compliances to test for to get the right regulatory certificatons in place?
Do you know what are the software use cases and are they documented properly?
Do you know the test criteria that you will use to test the deliverables against?
Has all of this been documented ?
If you have ALL and we really mean ALL of the above then fixed bid is the way to go. We shall analyze all your documents at no cost as we appreciate that you have taken efforts to set the expectations in place and we shall work on creating the project proposal for you. This clarity will help us come to an accurate estimate of the time required in working on the project.
If we feel that some points are missing we will get back to you to get the necessary documents modified and then submit the quote. Every change request gets handled using a Change Request Document and subsequently an incremental quote. This type of delivery model is typically documentation intensive and relatively slower to execute. However if things are done right here from the get go the results are amazing and creates a win-win scenario for the parties involved and results in a successful project delivery

Time and Material

This is a preferred model if you have a concept in mind that has to be implemented with iterative changes

Do you have a vision of what has to be created but cannot detail out the specs yet?
Not sure about the compliances that have to be done as the specs and the product documentation is not frozen!
You know what software platforms to use but don't have a Software Specification Document in place yet
You kind of know the test and acceptance criteria but cannot freeze it becase of the changes that will happen soon
You know the desired timeframes to achieve this.
Look no further - We will work closely with you and your team to convert your concept to a prototype AND the prototype to a manufacturable product. The right team will be identified to work on your project. We will create the Specification Document for you that will of course change as we move ahead. Hardware and Software deliverables will comply with the changes made in the process. Test Cases will be mapped to the requirements and the adequate documentation will be created for Testing Scheme and Test Cases. Software and Hardware architecture will be created so that implementation will be smooth. Compliance test cases will be identified. We will work with external labs for the pre-compliance and actual compliance tests.
If needed our team members can visit on-site locations during release phases to ensure smooth releases and a better on-site off-site co-ordination. In fact for long projects we recommend an onsite - offsite model for better and faster delivery cycles

Hybrid Delivery Model

In some cases customers would like to move from a time and material model to a fixed bid model once the specifications and acceptance criteria are defined. This results in an initial time and material based activity to create specification documents , test case documents, prototypes, test runs and interaction with customers to finalize the end reults. Once that is finalized and fixed we can provide a fixed bid pricing structure.

You don't have the specifications right now but would like to fix them before implementation starts
You would like to get some prototyping done to get a feel of the feasibility
You want to eventually want to move to a fix bid process
Some parts of the projects are unknowns but there is a certainty in terms of where you want to go
The project typically starts as a time and material project and this time is utilized in creating the documentation, prototyping and initial proof of concepts. The results from the proof of concepts and initial product development process are used to freeze the deliverables for the fixed bid. Once that is done the project moves to a fixed bid project wherein the timelines and the deliverables are pre-defined.

Resource Based Delivery

This is a model that is utilized by customers due to non-portable infrastructure and where close high frequency internal interaction is needed.

Your in-house team has to closely interact with the extended team
The skillsets needed are very specific and for a limited duration
You do not want to recruit for a long period of time
You need testing resources who have experience in the electronic product development process
You want to augment your team rapidly and scale down at a short notice
Our engineering and testing team will be able to support your team for such augmentation on a need basis. We will arrange for initial discussions with the right resources who can be absorbed in your team at a short notice.