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Testing Services

Validation ... Verification ... White Box Testing ... Black Box Testing

Addendum to Product Development

We provide testing services that complement our Product Development Services so that the two teams work in harmony. The development and testing iterations are done in a tightly coupled manner. The closer the two teams are together the faster the process in terms of making the system as bug-free as possible. As a result the systems reaches our customers and their end customers as a better product. Commercially, the overall expenses are better managed and can be significantly lower than having the development and test teams spread across partners. We use white box and black box testing methodologies in this process due to the proximity to the product - hardware and software. In terms of hardware we provide Compliance and Pre-Compliance testing support for Environmental Testing, ESD, EFT, Surge, EMC that helps the product get Compliance Certifications - CE, FCC, UL, CSA, BIS etc. As a part of the hardware testing we also make sure that design and product modifications are done so that the tests are cleared and the desired certification is achieved.

Independent Testing Services

We provide independent Hardware and Software Product Testing Services. This includes studying the Product Specification Document, Creating Test Cases, Mapping Specification line items to test case line items, finding boundary conditions, creating test setup, testing as per the scheme and documentation created and generating test reports. We also test as per pre-created test cases and submit independent test reports.