Mobility Solutions

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Low Cost HMIs

Tablets are creating a plethora of opportunities for device manufacturers to add rich Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) to their otherwise spartan user interfaces. We have created connected solutions which are two fold in nature. The embedded platform connects to legacy devices and the custom phone / tablet based app acts as low cost HMI. This lets our customers add a significant value to their products, which in turn results in high profitability to device manufacturers and a significant improvement in usability to end customers. A win - win for everyone !

User Interface Design

Functional requirements are one aspect of the overall software development process - User Interfaces and Usability Aspects of the Software play an important role in delivering the adequate software systems. Usability is kept in mind from Day # 1. That way iterations are minimized. We follow agile development methods to develop such software systems so that customer is kept in loop on a regular basis. Changes are easier to manage and final deliverables are not a "surprise"