Firmware System Software

Assembly ... C ... C++ ... Application ... Device Drivers

Firmware Development is our Forte

We develop firmware on Custom and Off The Shelf Hardware. This entails having a through understanding of how the hardware aspects of a system functions, being able to debug the firmware issues by understanding hardware functionality. We develop Device Level and Application level software over a number of different Silicon Architectures from Microchip, Atmel, ST, TI and many more. Being firmware developers at heart our team can come upto speed with new controller families very rapidly and use them in implementing the required solutions.

Bespoke Software + Integration

We work on Foreground-Background processes, RTOS based systems, Embedded Linux Platforms (Custom and Off The Shelf). Our expertise in Industrial Automation, Medical Devices, Internet of Things helps us predict Field Issues and design Robust Systems using quality firmware. We test systems to ensure that they work as expected and fix bugs and support feature enhancements. Software Architecture is the mandatory step which ensures scalable, maintainable and readble code. Peer code reviews, test case genration, stress of boundary conditions help us identify issues before the product hits the market. Integration of Third Party Software / Open Source Software is an area that we support and actively pursue.