MAPYN Techologies


You Imagine ... We Create !

Design Documents

During our design and manufacturing process we ensure that adequate documentation is kept in place to keep a track of the Requirements, Deliverable, Test Cases and Acceptance Criteria. We capture all the possible use cases from our customers early on to ensure that the hardware and software that is designed takes care of these use cases. Of course documentation changes , but that helps us keep a track of where we started and where we are. It also helps engineers maintain the product in the long run and lets us make modifications even after a prolonged duration of time. Our Requirement Specifications Document helps us create Test Case Documents and that in turn sets the tone for Acceptance Criteria for us and he customers.

Marketing Collateral

As we are very close to the product our engineers and designers can work closely with your marketing team to create marketing and sales collateral for your products. We can add value by getting the right message across so that customers understand the technology and the value proposition stated therein. We can create Product Manuals, Technical Support Material and User Manuals so that minimum efforts are needed at your end to get the set of these documents in place. These services can be availed by clients who get products developed from us or otherwise.