Host Based Software Development & Testing

Connectivity to Host ... User Interface Design ... Database Driven Systems ... Cloud Connectivity

Host Interfaces

Embedded Systems typically connect to Host Computers to transfer data, communicate and accept commands. Host based software solutions are needed that talk on physical layers like USB, Ethernet, WiFi, RS485 to name a few. We provide the software connectivity to host platforms either as an abstracted object file or as a full blown driver and application software that can be used for data storage, visualization, report generation and communication. Software Requirements, Test Case Documents and Wireframes are created after discussion with customers and the backend software architecture is designed with the user interaction and user interfaces in mind.

User Interface Design

Functional requirements are one aspect of the overall software development process - User Interfaces and Usability Aspects of the Software play an important role in delivering the adequate software systems. Usability is kept in mind from Day # 1. That way iterations are minimized. We follow agile development methods to develop such software systems so that customer is kept in loop on a regular basis. Changes are easier to manage and final deliverables are not a "surprise"