Welcome to MAPYN Technologies We build Solutions and Products Based on Your Requirements

Product Design Consulting

We provide Technology Consulting Services for Product Development. This could be consulting on Processes Involved in bulding a Product, the Technology to be used, Mapping the Requirements to the Platforms and Actually implementing the Solution to Creating the Product

Hardware Design and Manufacturing

We work with you to create new Hardware Platforms | Retrofit Your Hardware Devices with Custom Hardware | Use Off The Shelf Hardware to create Devices. We can create hardware from scratch | Use Off the Shelf Hardware OR Create Hybrid Solutions to meet the need.

Embedded Software Design and Testing

We develop and test Custom Embedded Software for COTS Hardware, Custom Designed Hardware Platforms, Hybrid Platforms and Embedded PCs. This could be Device Level or Application Level Software on Microcontrollers | FPGAs

Host Connectivity Local and Remote

We create solutions for you to provided connectivity to Host Platforms - either Local Servers | Datacentres | Cloud Based Platforms. Once such connectivity is established the data can be analyzed, trended , reported.

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Why MAPYN ? Here’s what we bring to the table


Many can do software, Some can do hardware - We can do BOTH under the same roof

Fast Learning Curve

We can quickly adopt new technologies to come upto speed with the solutions needed to satisfy requirements at hand.

Your IP Protected

Protecting your IP gets highest precedence over anything else. We protect your IP as if it's our own, though its not our own

Very flexible

We are flexible guys to deal with as we know that Product Development is a complicated process. We will take U turns if needed whenever needed.